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Shanghai Town & Country Club (STCC)

Your "Home away from Home"

STCC is an international high-end integrated club with a space of 20,000 square meters for family recreation, sports, health care, leisure and business dinner.
Shanghai Town & Country Club is a social and family-oriented community. It is where like-minded individuals, families and companies gather and share a common set of interests. It is where business and family are embraced at the same time, it is where special family moments are created and cherished for a lifetime. Whether it's for business, wellness, family or hospitality, our members enjoy a prosperous. balanced, healthy and inspired lifestyle

Our Vision

Since its establishment, STCC has been recognized by Members from all over the world and become the place of first choice for business, recreation and networking for elite families. STTC membership is offered only by invitation. Full membership of the club is only available upon the recommendation of a Member of the advisory committee or an existing Member, which can not only guarantee the privacy of the Members, but also ensure the high quality and high standard of Members, thus making the Members fully enjoy the interconnected and comfortable space.
We are committed to providing Members with a new concept of urban life and helping Members to expand their networking to bring better enjoyment both from work and life in STCC. We hope to become the Members’ "home away from home" with high-quality services, high-end facilities and rich activities, so as to create a new lifestyle for the modern elites. We make constant breakthroughs and innovations, and strive to come out top among the world’s most prestigious top-notch clubs.

Our Mission

STCC is committed to creating a leisure and networking resort for its Members with relaxation in their busy life, which integrates mutual communication, work, leisure and recreation, namely, being the real “home away from home”.
Fashionable Urban Life Club
Located in the beautiful Shanghai, STCC is a large and fashionable urban life club that can simultaneously meet the needs of families, enterprises, society, art and cultural communities.
One of STCC’s most distinguishing feature is that it renders meticulous and considerate customized services, together with its elegant and fashionable environment. In addition to its daily service offerings, its regularly launched activity calendar, including activities such as industry forums, cooking activities, wine tasting and children’s activities, can provide a broad range of life experience, hobbies and interests for the Members, and also an opportunity for mutual understanding for like-minded Members.
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